U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently granted Microsoft a patent on a “personalized version” of the sudo command with GUI. Sudo is a command that has been in use since 1980’s or even before by Unix and other operating systems to allow running other commands with elevated privileges. For one, why would Microsoft try… Read More

Google Wave – a game changer that will change the very fundamentals of communications and collaboration over Internet as we know it today. If this technology takes off, as I believe it will, tools like e-mail and IM that we have grown to love and depend upon will gradually cease to exist. Other collaboration tools… Read More

It’s not what product you use to collect and analyze web site usage data.  It’s not about counting the page views, click-throughs, unique vistors, or hits.  It’s not even about pretty pie charts, bar graphs, or heat maps.  What web analytics is about is the “process” to collect and analyze usage data in order to… Read More

Web analytics is the science of collecting and analyzing your web site usage data so that you can optimize your site for best results. For example, if you analyze the click behavior of your web site users, you can learn how to best place links on your site to encourage most sales. Similarly if you… Read More