The first version of Silverlight (formerly WPF/e) was recently released and can be downloaded from Microsoft’s web site. Contrary to what many people believe, Silverlight is not simply a rich media player for the web. Nor is it just a replacement or a competing product for Adobe Flash. Silverlight is a technology that allows developers… Read More

In .NET 2.0, apsnet_regiis can encrypt and decrypt sections of web.config and machine.config using RSA, DPAPI, or any other custom encryption provider. However, how do we encrypt/decrypt a custom application configuration (e.g. app.config of a WinForms application)? We are in luck, since the System.Configuration namespace provides everything we need to accomplish this task. The following… Read More

Perhaps the best kept secret (or at least the least discussed feature) of Visual Studio 2005 is the client-side reports. Client-side reports consists of the Report Viewer Control and it’s accompanying Report Designer that comes standard with Visual Studio 2005 Professional and up. This feature can be used to develop ASP.NET or WinForms solutions that… Read More