While FxCop is an invaluable tool for analyzing the external (public / protected) API of our assemblies, I was really hoping to have a way to also fire it against internal members of our code in order to enforce coding standards across our organization. David Kean’s tip shows us exactly how to do that! It… Read More

Perhaps the best kept secret (or at least the least discussed feature) of Visual Studio 2005 is the client-side reports. Client-side reports consists of the Report Viewer Control and it’s accompanying Report Designer that comes standard with Visual Studio 2005 Professional and up. This feature can be used to develop ASP.NET or WinForms solutions that… Read More

GhostDoc is a free Visual Studio add-in that automatically generates XML comments by intelligently deducing comments from member name and type or by using existing documentation written by someone else in a base class or an interface. This tool is purely intelligent and simply amazing. With tools such as this there simply is no excuse… Read More