MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) is an awesome framework that allows easily loading types at runtime making your apps plugin-ready.   Using reflection magic, MEF makes it super easy for any app to accept plugins. Following are 5 easy steps involved in making your app plugin-ready using MEF: Define an interface for plugins.  This is the interface… Read More

System.Web.Caching.Cache object implements the IDictionary interface, hence we can retreive a list of cached item keys as follows: [sourcecode lang=”csharp”] protected ReadOnlyCollection GetCacheItemList() { List cacheItemList = new List(Cache.Count); IDictionaryEnumerator cacheEnum = Cache.GetEnumerator(); while (cacheEnum.MoveNext()) { DictionaryEntry cacheItem = (DictionaryEntry)cacheEnum.Current; cacheItemList.Add(cacheItem.Key.ToString()); } return new ReadOnlyCollection(cacheItemList); }… Read More