After the popularity of Logo (Turtle Graphics) in the 80’s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has once again come up with a new programming language for kids called Scratch. Scratch teaches kids skills necessary to become future technology professionals, such as creative thinking, clear communication, systematic analysis, iterative design, and continuous learning, while they… Read More

Since database are usually designed in development environments, migrating changes over to other environments (e.g. QA and production) is not a trivial task.  This is because SQL Server does not have any built-in tools to compare database schemas.  There are quite a few third-party tools that would make your life easier, most notably, Red Gate’s SQL… Read More

Recently when Windows Live Writer Beta got realeased, I signed up with Microsoft Live Spaces to give it a test drive. I thought that by now Microsoft would have learned from their past mistakes, but boy was I wrong? The very first thing I noticed on Live Spaces was a huge banner ad across the… Read More

It’s kind of ironic that soon after I finished writing a log viewer for my log4Net XML logs, I came across this universal log parsing tool by Microsoft called Log Parser 2.2. I started playing with it and it seems pretty good at what it does. You can create nice looking HTML reports and even… Read More