The latest beta version of FxCop 1.36 was recently made available for download. This new version includes various features and fixes that include: 200+ bug fixes that reduce noise, missing analysis and rule crashes Support for analyzing anonymous methods and lambda expressions New option for skipping analysis over tool generated code Better support for C++/CLI… Read More

SubSonic is an excellent open source DAL generation tool developed by Rob Conery that has been around for almost a year. In most cases SubSonic can just be added to your project, pointed to a databse, and you magically and immediately gain access to a rich and strongly typed object model that can be used… Read More

If you have ever used MSI installation packages involving Windows Installer, you are probably aware of its nuisance. I can deal with the fact that it’s a pain to create decent installations without shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for third party tools such as Wise and InstallShield, but I just can’t cope up… Read More

After the popularity of Logo (Turtle Graphics) in the 80’s, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has once again come up with a new programming language for kids called Scratch. Scratch teaches kids skills necessary to become future technology professionals, such as creative thinking, clear communication, systematic analysis, iterative design, and continuous learning, while they… Read More