This article extends upon Simon Hewitt’s article on CodeProject. It is strongly recommended that you read Simon’s article also in order to fully understand the concepts. BACKGROUND XML serialization is an indispensable technique that has built-in support for in the .NET Framework. Using XML serialization, objects can be serialized to XML streams that may be… Read More

In .NET 2.0, apsnet_regiis can encrypt and decrypt sections of web.config and machine.config using RSA, DPAPI, or any other custom encryption provider. However, how do we encrypt/decrypt a custom application configuration (e.g. app.config of a WinForms application)? We are in luck, since the System.Configuration namespace provides everything we need to accomplish this task. The following… Read More

ASP.NET 2.0 GridView control contains the AllowPaging property. Setting this property to a value of true enables the paging feature of the GridView and displays data split across multiple pages if the number of rows in the underlying data source is greater than the PageSize property. By default ASP.NET automatically displays numeric paging controls at… Read More

Depending upon a value in the data source, we can conditionally display images in GridView columns. For example, the following TemplateField declaration conditionally displays approved.gif or unapproved.gif based on IsApproved flag in the DataSet that the GridView is bound to: [sourcecode lang=”csharp”]… Read More