SRP is one of the fundamental object oriented software design principles, first introduced by Tom DeMarco in 1979. In simple terms, SRP states that every class should have a single well defined goal, and that all members of that class (properties, methods, etc.) should work together to achieve that goal. Robert Martin puts it in… Read More

While FxCop is an invaluable tool for analyzing the external (public / protected) API of our assemblies, I was really hoping to have a way to also fire it against internal members of our code in order to enforce coding standards across our organization. David Kean’s tip shows us exactly how to do that! It… Read More

Currently I am working at a company with a fast-paced environment, very aggressive deadlines, and historically a high rate of failure in the form of poor product quality and missed deadlines. Back when I started at the company, I introduced them to Agile methodologies and how they could benefit the organization in higher employee and… Read More