Dropzone.js is a slick multi-file upload utility. A lot of times when uploading files we need to dynamically specify a query string parameter so that the uploads can be saved on the server at the correct path. Following example shows you how to do just that.… Read More

Using AWS Console, you can create an IAM user and assign a couple of different AWS managed S3 policies to that user. These policies are, however, too broad – they allow global access to all S3 buckets. In most cases we need to assign read/write access to a single bucket. For that we can create… Read More

MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) is an awesome framework that allows easily loading types at runtime making your apps plugin-ready.   Using reflection magic, MEF makes it super easy for any app to accept plugins. Following are 5 easy steps involved in making your app plugin-ready using MEF: Define an interface for plugins.  This is the interface… Read More