Reasons For IT Project Failures

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According to the 2009 CHAOS report published by the market research firm, the Standish Group, IT Project failure rate increased in the last 2 years of recession.  No surprise.

According to the report the rate of successful projects that were delivered on-time, within budget, and with the required features, dropped from 35% in 2006 to 32% in the last two years.  Also the rate of failed projects increased from 19% in 2006 to 24% recently, which included projects that were deemed complete failure and either never delivered, or delivered but never used.  The rest of the projects were considered challenged, those that were delivered late, with incomplete features, or went significantly over-budget. Read more…

How And When To Use Different Management Styles To Get The Most Out of Your Team

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Men Without Faces

Management style is the general way a manager uses to manage his teams.  Some managers use a particular management style because that’s the only style that they are aware of.  More mature managers know different styles and can quickly adapt to any style to their advantage depending upon the situation, the capabilities of their teams, and the nature of tasks that need to be performed.

In this article I will go over the 4 general management styles, and explain how IT managers can best use each to their advantage. Read more…

5 Steps to Stellar Team Management

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Team Blocks

Over the years I have come across a slew of management styles, some formal, some informal, some great, while others… well you get the idea.  During my own management career I drew upon best practices from my former bosses as well as management gurus in order to come up with something that was effective and yet easy to implement.  Here I’ll share with you a summary of my management style, which is based upon my general philosophy about employees that: Read more…

Top 5 Traits of a Great Manager

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Blue Steps With Gold Ball

A great manager is one who is well-respected and is liked by his team members, peers, customers, and higher-ups alike.  He is skilled, competent, and delivers results. 

What traits set apart a great manager from the crowd?  In this article I will discuss 5 traits of a great manager with the right attitude to succeed.  Read more…