Google Wave – A Slow Death to E-mail?

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Google Wave

Google Wave – a game changer that will change the very fundamentals of communications and collaboration over Internet as we know it today. If this technology takes off, as I believe it will, tools like e-mail and IM that we have grown to love and depend upon will gradually cease to exist. Other collaboration tools such as discussion forums, social networking, and blogging tools will change dramatically.

If you have not done so yet, checkout the Google Wave preview video here.

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    I have a question – how will Wave (and Microsoft Groove) dramatically change other forms of collaboration such as forums, social networking and blogging?

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    If you look at the Wave demo video it will probably become much clearer. Amongst other things, Wave is a communication platform that is all things e-mail, all things IM, all things discussion boards, and then some. And the fact that it’s open source, has a federated design, and that anyone can run a Wave server, I can definitely see Microsoft, IBM, and other big enterprise e-mail vendors adding support for Wave (or a similar proprietary technology) soon. Also Wave is pluggable into blogs and other web sites. It makes it super easy and efficient to communicate and collaborate, so it will change how we use these tools today.

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